Building momentum toward a new culture at VCH

It started as a survey to assess our organizational health, but it’s much more than that now. My VCH is not just a project or a checklist to act on our results—it’s about fundamentally shifting our culture to work and lead in a new way. We’re on a journey to create a new workplace culture that is caring, encourages learning and innovative thinking, and continues to deliver the results our patients, clients and residents deserve.

We’re gaining momentum to move in this new direction each and every time you get involved and share your voice. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished together since we announced the three areas we would act on first!

Let’s choose shared values that we all will live by

Values are the heart of an organization’s culture. They help all of us feel a stronger sense of belonging and guide how we we interact and treat each other every day.

What actions have we taken so far?

  • 687 of you answered the online survey, choosing the values that resonate most with you.
  • 270 of you have participated in a values huddle with your team to vote for new values together.

Share your voice: what values are meaningful to you?

You have until Mar. 15 to answer the online survey or hold a values huddle with your team—we want to hear from at least 5,000 of you! If you answer the survey, you could win a Fitbit, or Amazon and iTunes gift cards! If you join your team in a values huddle, you’ll have a chance to win a pop-up party that includes massages for your team!

What’s next? Once we’ve selected our values, we will bring them to life by embedding them into everything we do—who we hire, how we make decisions, who we recognize, and how we we show up every day.

We care about your well-being

We’re revamping the Attendance & Wellness Promotion (AWP) program with a stronger focus on health and wellness.

What actions have we taken so far?

  • 217 of you—staff, union representatives and managers—joined focus groups to share your ideas!
  • 322 of you answered an online survey or sent an email with your feedback.

What’s next? We’re analyzing your feedback alongside research and best practices. Watch for a summary of our findings in an upcoming issue of VCH News.

We want to recognize and appreciate the work you do

We want to make recognition meaningful to you.

What actions have we taken so far?

  • 1,376 of you answered the online survey to share your feedback on recognition programs.

Share your voice: what does meaningful recognition look like to you?

You have until Feb. 28 to answer the online survey. You could win a Fitbit or iTunes gift card!

What’s next? Based on your feedback, we’ll improve how we recognize and reward you for your contribution to VCH. We are also continuing our annual People First Awards—watch for the call for nominations in early March!

A heartfelt thank you!

Thank you for your participation over the last two months in various focus groups, surveys and discussions. We’ve made progress on our first three areas of focus, and with your continuing involvement, we can build a workplace culture that will be better for all of us!

One comment

  1. Mary Ackenhusen says:

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give input on our values, recognition and the revamp of the Attendance Wellness Program.

    Our values have to reflect YOUR values which is why we’re targeting to hear from at least 1/3 of you – that’s where the 5000 comes from.

    I love hearing your voice – please keep sharing what’s important to you!


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