Karin Olson, Coastal COO, spent a chunk of her long weekend baking her famed poppy seed cakes for the units/departments that hit the 75% mark in the My VCH survey.

Coastal COO Karin Olson delivers on promise of cake after My VCH results revealed

As promised, Coastal Chief Operating Officer Karin Olson spent a portion of the long weekend baking her famous Sherry-flavoured poppy seed cakes for those units and/or departments that achieved 75% or higher completion rates in the My VCH survey.

While other folks were basting turkeys, Karin was cracking 72 eggs, pouring 4.2 litres of Sherry and sifting enough flour to impress even Julia Child. The end result? Eighteen ready-to-be-delivered cakes. Karin will personally start making deliveries tomorrow.

As we inched closer to the My VCH survey deadline, Karin provided a little extra incentive for Coastal staff to fill out the survey. And though she isn’t convinced her promise of a cake had much influence, Karin is impressed with the results.

Coastal achieved a 68% completion rate. How did we compare to the other Communities of Care?

  • Vancouver Acute – 61%
  • Vancouver Community – 68%
  • Richmond – 61%
  • (VCH Overall – 63%)

“I am very appreciative of the time people took to fill out the survey, which on the surface may not have felt relevant but will give us key themes and areas of focus to work on,” says Karin.  “The results are heartening because I know everyone is busy, but it is so important for staff voices to be heard.”

Click here to read more from CEO Mary Ackenhusen about next steps. And don’t forget to check www.my-vch.ca to see if you’ve won a prize.

Karin is making another promise – to bring the Coastal survey results back to staff in a series of upcoming forums and road shows.

“I will be sharing what we learned – the good, the bad and the ugly,” says Karin.



  1. Karen Mayo says:

    I can hardly remember them, as it has been so long 🙁
    Shouldn’t it count that ICU staff went around the building assisting other staff members to fill out the survey??

    1. Karen Mayo says:

      Thank you Karin Olson for the Poppy seed cake 🙂
      ICU was very grateful to have received their cake today! Enjoyed by all – very quickly I might add!

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