Audra Leopold, Acute Medicine, Richmond Hospital.

Audra’s dance moves are music to the ears of acute care patients

Audra Leopold is being honoured as one of the finalists in I Made A Difference 2017. Audra works on an acute medicine unit at Richmond Hospital, and she has a very simple and special way of brightening the day of her patients.

She’s got the music in her

“I play music on my phone for my patients throughout the day,” said Audra.  “I will play the genre of their choice as I provide nursing care for them.”

And she’s got the moves

Audra says that the impact of music is undeniable and is particularly evident when a patient with dementia, who has difficulty expressing themselves, comes to life and starts to sing and dance with her.

“It is a celebration of life and living. We are suddenly not nurse and patient, but human beings enjoying the moment.”

Audra says she feels blessed to have experienced this on many occasions.

“When someone with severe dementia smiles and starts to dance when they see me, I know I have a difference in their lives.”


  1. Zenny Boutin

    Audra has ways on how to make Patient smile. She listen, take time and had ways not only music or dance but other things like conversation whIle she is doing her task. She goes beyond the call of Duty. She makes a difference in the life of a patient no matter where she works.

    February 21, 2018