Vivian Eliopoulos, COO, Vancouver Acute, speaking to staff at the December My VCH Forum.

“I’m stepping up my game,” says Vivian

At the All-Staff Forum held in Vancouver last December, we unveiled our My VCH survey results. Our frank discussion covered common themes and areas for improvement, including my own.

As you may recall, I made a commitment to each and every one of you to step up my game in terms of my own leadership. I pledged to be more visible, to ensure amazing work is recognized and to solicit your valuable ideas and input.

And, I announced that this “Luddite” would begin using Twitter as another means to connect with you and fulfill my promise.

Being new to Twitter, I asked for your help and, most graciously, the offers of help quickly followed. Nadya Repin, Isabella Mori (@moritherapy), and Chandan Khaira (@chakhaira1) have all shared their know-how with me so far. My heartfelt thanks to them all for teaching me the ins and outs of tweeting.

I’m still a firm believer in face-to-face communication, and Twitter will never replace that, but it will help me hear from some of you who I don’t often get to see, and it will enable me to shine a spotlight on some of the exceptional work that you do every day.

So, I’ve started tweeting during my meetings and walkabouts, and I’m truly enjoying the experience and sharing stories of the amazing people who work here.

Now, I would like to invite you to connect with me on Twitter. My handle is @VCHVivian.

I want to hear your ideas for how we can move things forward for you, your colleagues and for our shared patients and clients. I want to share your stories about the incredible things your teams are doing to support high-quality patient care in Vancouver Acute.

I want to connect with you and recognize our extraordinarily dedicated people.

I’m listening.



  1. Nadya says:

    I had a great time getting to know Vivian and enjoyed her enthusiasm. It was clear to me that she’d put a lot of thought into wanting to communicate authenticially and to showcase all the wonderful people she interacts with in the organization. Teaching her about #hashtags and all the craziness that twitter can be was fun, and I liked the opportunity to interact with Vivian on a personal level and getting to know a bit about her.

    1. Vivian Eliopoulos says:

      Thanks so much Nadya for your thoughtful and encouraging comments. You were a great support, gave me some helpful hints – do’s and don’ts, and without a doubt, you are wonderful “twitter mentor”. Vivian

  2. Chandan Khaira says:

    I had a wonderful meeting with Vivian! She has a very engaging and present energy! No doubt, this is the perfect combination for tweeting! Looking forward to following Vivian and our VCH teams on social media…

  3. Vivian Eliopoulos says:

    Chandan, thank you in the most heartfelt way for your encouragement. I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness and planning you did for our meeting – not only did you bring some articles and reference materials pertaining to social media and more specifically tweeting – you brought your ideas about tweeting in the context of our VCH Strategic Priorities and True North Goals and My VCH – key themes/next steps. I enjoyed our converation and you certainly left me with lots to think about as I continue tweeting! Vivian.

  4. Isabella Mori says:

    Spending time with Vivian talking about Twitter was a lot of fun. Social media is a bit of a passion of mine and it was wonderful to see how enthusiastic and interested Vivian was. I loved Vivian’s warmth and vivacity and hope she can spread it far and wide throughout the VCH community.

  5. Vivian Eliopoulos says:

    Isabella, you are a twitter-er “extraordinaire” — you encouraged me to ‘just go for it’, sharing with me your years of twitter experience and knowledge. Your advice was both sage and practical. I love the ‘cheat’ sheet that you left me, and as well you ‘set me up’ with a list of suggested Healthcare Leaders to follow – which I am! In the most heartfelt way thank you for your kindness. Vivian

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