Meet Connie Harborne

Position: Clinical Nurse Educator & Patient Care Coordinator, Maternity

How long have you worked at VCH?
Since July of 1992, but I’ve had several different roles – Manager of Evergreen Extended Care Unit, Nurse Manager Acute Care, direct care RN in Maternity, ER, and hospital float.

What would you say your biggest contribution is? Tell us what you do in one sentence.
I try to present a positive attitude and convey deep respect and pride for the role of nursing in health care: both in the orientation of new nurses and when planning for professional development of the nursing staff.

What makes you happy?
Relaxation time away from an incredibly hectic and demanding job – reading a book, spending time with husband and friends, enjoying time with our adult sons, and sipping on a glass of good wine.

What’s your favourite hobby?
Cruising and traveling to interesting and exciting locales around the world.

Tell us something that makes you unique:
Horses used to be a big part of my life, pre-children. I used to do some schooling of young horses and a bit of showing in dressage and novice jumper classes when I lived in Kelowna.

Which three items will you always have in your fridge?
Thai ginger/chili/garlic sauce, Chevre cheese, and Ruby Red grapefruit.

Most healthy habit:
A tough one – I guess being married to a wonderful man who continually encourages me to be more healthy! And that’s a chore for him ;-).

What is your favourite vacation spot?
A tie – the mesmerizing vanilla island of Ta’haa in French Polynesia or the starkly beautiful Falkland Islands where you can mix and mingle with penguins!


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