Meet Victor Bradley Kopp

Position: VGH Plumber

How long have you worked at VCH?
Four years.

What would you say your biggest contribution is? Tell us what you do in one sentence.
I enjoy the opportunity to ensure the plumbing is maintained for patients’ use, so their stay is as comfortable as possible.

What makes you happy?
Being with family and being of service to others.

What’s your favourite hobby?
Baseball: which I’ve played since I can’t remember.

Tell us something that makes you unique:
I have travelled to Managua, Nicaragua twice to support Villa Esperanza (Village of Hope). This is a place of refuge for young girls who have been rescued from the harsh realities of life, growing up in the city dump. These girls are too well acquainted with malnutrition, neglect, and abuse for most of their young lives. Many are forced into prostitution to feed themselves; others have turned to drugs or suicide to relieve themselves from this desperate existence. At Villa Esperanza, the girls receive regular meals, medical care, education, and most importantly love. They are given the chance at life.

Which three items will you always have in your fridge?
Water, yogurt, and cream for coffee (always 18%.)

Most healthy habit:
Exercise; I believe our bodies were meant to move.

What is your favourite vacation spot?
Dreams in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – an amazing resort!


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