Meet David Schaeffer

Position: Anatomical Pathologist and clinical researcher, at Vancouver General Hospital and VCH Research Institute

Clinical department:
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

How long have you worked at VCH?
Not long! Just shy of one month.

What would you say your biggest contribution is? Tell us what you do at VCH in one sentence.
I diagnose gastrointestinal diseases based on endoscopic tissue biopsies and resection specimens, and I have a particular focus on translational research in pancreatic cancer.

Tell us something that makes you unique:
My work history includes time as a medic in the German Army and as a cruise ship doctor in the Mediterranean sea.

What’s your favourite hobby?
Kayaking – preferably in Desolation Sound.

Which three items will you always have in your fridge?
Parmesan cheese, wheat beer, and some type of wurst.

What makes you happy?
Seeing the German national soccer team win!

Most healthy habit:
I always try to have a sit-down lunch.

What’s your favourite vacation spot or place you’ve visited?
Marrakech, Morocco

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