Keyvan Rahbar

Job Title
Safety Advisor

Workplace Health

How long have you worked at VCH?
2.5 Years

Tell us what you do at VCH in one or two sentences:
To prevent staff injuries and illnesses by developing and implementing workplace safety programs.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?
Participating in Employee Engagement annual summer forum called Le Diner en Blanc d’EE. It was an excellent, fun and entertaining event.

Which True North goal does your work contribute to the most?
Develop the best workforce

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you:
I used to be a chemist before changing my career to Health & Safety.

Who or what inspires you?
Our hard working staff who dedicate their time and energy to provide best care for our patients.

Most healthy habit:
Cycling. I wish I could cycle to work though but I live too far to do that.

Favourite vacation spot:
Asia, specifically Malaysia

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