Katherine Wright

Job Title
Music Therapist

GF Strong Rehab Centre

How long have you worked at VCH?
20 years

Tell us what you do at VCH in one or two sentences:
I use music to work on rehabilitation goals such as improving speech, movement, focus and memory. Because music is processed in the whole brain, it is a great tool to use when encouraging neuroplasticity.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?
One evening, I was finishing up a group and after I sang the last song, a client suddenly asked for “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and I could see that his wife had just arrived. He had some speech challenges and it was hard for him to talk. I sang the song as he held his wife’s hands and looked into her eyes. It was very emotional, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room at the end of the song.

Which True North goal does your work contribute to the most?
Provide the best care

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you:
I am a descendant of one of the Founders of Confederation.

Three things you always have in your fridge:
Apples, cheese, eggs

Who or what inspires you?
People on an interdisciplinary team all working together for the best outcome for the client.

Most healthy habit:
Cycling to work

Favourite vacation spot:
Prince Edward Island

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