Lindsey Vukicevic

Job Title
Patient care aide

Leon Blackmore Pavillion 8AB

How long have you worked at VCH?
4 years

Tell us what you do at VCH in one or two sentences:
I am a patient care aide. I’m part of an interdisciplinary team that helps patients to heal and have a better quality of life.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?
Receiving hugs from patients and families every day

Which True North goal does your work contribute to the most?
Provide the best care

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you:
I won $1,000 from the lotto and donated it to buy Christmas decorations for a seniors home, and lights for a snoezelen room

Three things you always have in your fridge:
chicken, avocado, bacon

Who or what inspires you?
People helping people

Most healthy habit:

Favourite vacation spot:
Huatulco, Mexico

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