Let’s make recognition meaningful for you!

The recent My VCH survey showed that 66% of you feel you don’t get enough thanks and recognition for the outstanding work you do. This is one of the first outcomes of the survey that we are working to address.

As a first step, help us understand what meaningful recognition looks like for you.

Answer a few quick questions about recognition and enter the prize draw.

Your responses are confidential.

Answer the questions and enter the draw

Deadline: February 28, 2018. 


1st Prize – Fitbit Flex 2 ($80 value)
2nd Prize – iTunes card ($25 value)

Draws will be made following the survey deadline and winners will be contacted by email and announced in VCH News. Winners must be employees of VCH.



Watch for My VCH updates and more opportunities to get involved in creating a better VCH for all of us.


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  1. sandy hoshizaki says:

    Sometimes a simple hand written card is enough from a colleague or manager.
    A certificate presented at a staff meeting for a job well done. Provide specifics i.e. managed a difficult client. Lots of claps! Recognition in front of other staff goes a long way!
    Golden apple award for the department- recognizing staff who go above and beyond i.e project, with clients, with research. Staff can name the award and criteria could be drafted up.
    Recognition can come from colleagues or management. Have an(anonymous) ballet box to submit a “job well done” comments to staff.
    An extra vacation day for the employee of the month or year??

    1. Felicia Granger says:

      Thanks for sharing your ideas Sandy. They’ll be included as part of the staff & physician feedback and input to help shape future programs.

  2. Jillian says:

    Feedback and following through with staff suggestions are always welcome.

    Sometimes acknowledging an email that is sent, a conversation or a question that needs an answer is a form of recognition that all staff are valuable. To me seeing an idea of mine be implemented in the workplace is a thank you enough as it means someone is caring enough to listen.

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