All staff forum on November 22

I want to thank all staff in the Coastal region for their participation in the My VCH survey. As Mary’s letter this week explained, over 11,000 people at VCH, which translates into 63% of all staff, completed the survey. Coastal staff ensured that their voices were heard.

Learn more at the staff forum at Lions Gate Hospital

The survey has given us a lot of data and comments to analyze, much of which are more easily shared face to face.

With that in mind, I encourage you to take part in the upcoming staff forum—either in person or by webcast—so I can share more details about the results and how we intend to move forward.

You can also print this poster for the all staff forum to encourage your colleagues to attend. There will be staff forums in the other communities of care as well.

November 22, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Lions Gate Hospital in the Gymnasium, or by webcast

Webcast link

When the forum starts, you can watch the forum via the webcast link.

Watch the webcast on Nov 22

For those of you who can’t attend, all information shared at the forum will be available on the My VCH website starting November 22 at We will also be reaching out to ask how you’d like to share your ideas and participate as we move forward.

Karin Olson

VCH-Coastal, Chief Operating Officer

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